Bringing together the best of people, the best of minds, the hottest of ideas…, We are looking for inspired thinkers…, Leaders are readers… if you must lead, you must read…, Aim to achieve distinction? ...then you are heading in the right direction…, come to us and make your mark.

As a firm we have experts and consultants located across Africa. Our firm employs more than 100 experts in 11 offices across Africa. At ACORSER we offer exciting opportunities for graduates about to embark on a career or the business professional seeking to make a lateral move.

We understand that our success depends on the growth of our human capital. This is achieved through recruiting, training and retaining of the best. Our diverse range of services and ever expanding networks ensure that our people work in an environment which is dynamic, inspiring, challenging and rewarding; these are the qualities which set us apart from our competitors. We pride ourselves as a driving force in the knowledge industry.

Ultimately, we are looking for dynamic persons who share our values of innovation, a strong work ethic and service excellence. Being in the knowledge industry, and believing that readers are leaders, we call on any person who shares our dream to correspond with us and find leverage in our midst. In return we offer a professional work environment, space, library and information technology which is supportive and offers every opportunity for advancement and the fulfillment of your potential. And of course you will find our pay packages very competitive.

If you are interested in finding out more about the opportunities within ACORSER, or you may wish to tell us how you could add value to our firm and the corporate environment. You are welcomed to send your resume to and a recruitment expert will get in touch with you.